Gateway Overview


Figure 1-1

Steps : Register a new merchant process :

  1. The following fields are required to provide during register a new merchant :
  • Merchant Name
  • Company Register Name
  • Company Register No
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Public Key
  • Package
  1. WEN-Gateway will validate on the data which are provide by the merchant.
  2. After verify the merchant data are valid, WEN-Gateway will send the following fields to the merchant, otherwise merchant will get notify error message from WEN-Gateway.
  • Merchant Code
  • Merchant Portal Login Id
  • Password
    • Default password will be 123456, if there is no password provide by the merchant.
    • Once the merchant login to their merchant portal, system will request to change a new password.

Create Trade

Figure 1-1

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